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  • Vintage Burton Backhill snowboard in very good condition but missing leash and straps.

  • Question for seller of the 2000 Burton Parillo Balance 148.5cm - I like to learn a bit more about its color, condition, price flexibility, and shipping. Or, if the seller would consider a trade for a different board. Thanks

  • $100.00
    1996 Burton Balance, 6/10 definitely ridden. No gouges or delam... Just dings and aging of the top sheet.
    Buyer pays shipping (US only) UPS
    Email for high resolution photos if interested

  • Are you going on tour this summer? Nope. Thx Covid. Instead of buying $20 Heady Toppers and $100 limited posters in the parking lot, spend your tour money on this Brand New Burton Phish Fish 161cm
    Pollack art. A rare collaboration Fish. Strap the good vibes to your feet and enjoy the snow for years to come.
    $450 plus shipping from VT
    (Boardvault Certified)

  • 2000 Burton Motion 156cm
    Here be dragons! The Burton Motion was a freestyle, all mountain deck, designed for the rider who wanted 1 board to rule them all. This one is in 8.5/10 condition. One small blemish on the topsheet (pictured)
    $135 buyer pays shipping from VT.

  • 2000 Burton Parillo Balance 148.5cm 7.5/10 condition. One of the most collectable series Burton has ever made, the 5 boards in this line create an amazing art piece drawn by Mike Parrilo when hung together. These smaller boards are a bit more rare than the larger ones.
    Buyer pays shipping from VT.
    (Boardvault Certified)

  • Remember when you used to be able to headbang without getting a headache? Relive your metal youth with this rare Iron Maiden pro model 157cm 9/10 Condition
    Buyer pays shipping from VT
    (boardvault certified)

  • The 2002 Burton Michi 161cm Gonz graphic board is one of the most collectable pro model collectable boards. The graphics glow in the dark! This one is in good shape, 7.5/10 $350
    Buyer pays shipping from VT
    (Boardvault Certified)